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Serious Injury and Wrongful Death

As you can tell from looking through our areas of practice, the focus of our work is on serious injury and wrongful death cases, regardless of the cause. In addition to the specific areas mentioned above, we have handled plane crashes, equipment failure, assault, and products liability cases, among many others. Our product cases have included design and manufacture cases against the major automobile companies for seat back failure to tire defect and installation matters resulting in catastrophic injury and death. We have investigated and pursued claims ranging from ATVs to defective and dangerous toy boxes. Because the kinds of cases which we handle are time-consuming and expensive to pursue, we are simply unable to handle “volume” cases like low-speed impact automobile cases. There are plenty of other law firms who can and will handle large numbers of such cases.

Our approach is simply different: we take a limited number of cases which have both merit and significant damages, and work them very hard to try to achieve the best result we can for our clients. Because it is important that defendants know that we will try cases, we only take cases which we are willing to try if the case cannot be settled fairly. We take our obligation to represent our clients zealously but honestly very seriously, as it is our belief that the legal system works when the truth is known. We expect a lot from jurors who are asked to sit in judgment on the cases which must be tried, and we must respect their time and involvement in the process.

If you have a serious injury or wrongful death claim caused by negligence, we are interested in talking to you. If it is within our experience and competence, we will be happy to assist you. If it is not, be assured that we will direct you towards an appropriate attorney to investigate your claim.

Areas of Practice: