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Automobile and Motorcycle Accidents

Our expertise in medical cases is put to good use in handling automobile and motorcycle accidents with significant injuries. Figuring out what happened in a motorcycle or accident case may involve an analysis of roadway design, engineering, data analysis and human factors, particularly where the participants are seriously injured or killed. In order to provide quality service to our clients, we do not take large quantities of these cases. Instead, we focus on accidents where the injuries have been significant or fatal, and where we believe our expertise can help a client to receive a fair recovery for an accident caused by the fault of someone else.

Motorcycle accidents bring unique issues to the analysis. The dynamics of motorcycle riding and handling are different than a four wheeled vehicle. There are defenses which may be asserted — the lack of a helmet, for example — which must be addressed through reason and competent engineering. While helmets and seatbelts are good ideas, for example, neither helmets nor seatbelts prevent all types of injuries in every case. Those defenses should only be applicable when an injury would not have occurred or would not have been as severe had the device been utilized. Our experience in handling complicated accidents over many years of practice has given us the ability to evaluate these claims, provide appropriate advice to our clients, and recover fair and reasonable amounts based on the facts.

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