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Trucking and Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Simple physics tells us that an accident between a semi-tractor/trailer rig and an automobile will not come out well for the automobile.

Because of the inherent danger in large trucks and commercial vehicles sharing the road with cars and motorcycles, there are Federal and State regulations that apply to trucks and the trucking industry which are intended to improve the safety of the motoring public.  Understanding those rules and regulations, and being familiar with experts in the industry, is critical to representing an injured party or the survivors of someone who has been killed.  Trucking accidents are not the same as car wrecks, and liability, if the case is prepared correctly, will be readily apparent to a jury looking at the numerous violations which are often found in truck-related accidents.

When trucking companies sacrifice safety in favor of making more money, a jury may even be entitled to award punitive damages to punish the company for such conduct.  Punitive damages may be awarded, for example, when truckers are required or encouraged to drive over hours, to falsify log books, or to fail to do required inspections of critical parts.

Our firm has handled a multitude of trucking accidents, including significant verdicts and settlements well above $1 million.  Because of the catastrophic nature of injuries to others from a negligently operated truck, such cases frequently involve disabling and disfiguring injuries, including paraplegia and death.  No legal case can bring back to full health a person who has been critically injured, but fair compensation can help to balance the scales.  For further information on verdicts and settlements, please see that section of our website.

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