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Areas of Practice

Trucking and Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Simple physics tells us that an accident between a semi-tractor/trailer rig and an automobile will not come out well for the automobile. Because of the inherent danger in large trucks and commercial vehicles sharing the road with cars and motorcycles, there are Federal and State regulations that apply to trucks ...

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Medical and Professional Malpractice

When you hire a professional to perform an important service for you, whether it is health care or legal work, you expect that professional to utilize the experience, education, and training necessary to perform those services properly. When a professional fails to do so, the damages can be catastrophic. We ...

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Automobile and Motorcycle Accidents

Our expertise in medical cases is put to good use in handling automobile and motorcycle accidents with significant injuries. Figuring out what happened in a motorcycle or accident case may involve an analysis of roadway design, engineering, data analysis and human factors, particularly where the participants are seriously injured or ...

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Construction Site Accidents

Workers who are injured on the job in Arizona are entitled to statutory benefits medical expenses, temporary disability benefits, etc under the Arizona Worker's Compensation laws. Because of workers comp, injured workers do not have the right to make negligence claims against their employers for the full extent of their ...

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Serious Injury and Wrongful Death

As you can tell from looking through our areas of practice, the focus of our work is on serious injury and wrongful death cases, regardless of the cause. In addition to the specific areas mentioned above, we have handled plane crashes, equipment failure, assault, and products liability cases, among many ...

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Legal Malpractice

Since the firm s founding in 1987 it has always been recognized as one of Arizona s premier firms in the area of legal malpractice. As with all of the other areas of our practice, we only represent claimants, whether they be individuals, businesses or even insurance companies, in making ...

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Areas of Practice: